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Frequently Asked Questions - Workplace Problems and Concerns (multiple members)

Consensus discussion 4 new policies - is the title of an ongoing email discussion being done in our department with our supervisor. Some of us feel like we need union rep. during this discussion to help support us regarding possible union policy changes. 1 major issue arrising in the conversation is being told that childcare, transportation, or home care issues are not considered "personal hardship". The childcare issue has really upset the parents who work in this department.

Assigned to Ross Grami

What guidelines are in place for union members seeking council about a workplace bully?

You should look at the HR policies about reporting harassment.  Because bullying and harassment are not union specific issues, they generally don't go through the union.  However article 6.1.3 encourages employees to contact AAEO if the bullying is about a protected class (sex, race, religion, etc).  You can find more information at http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/about/services/affirmative-action-and-equal-opportunity/aaeo-services/investigation.cfm


Other options could include the CWE Conflict Coaching program, which can help with how to interact with a bully. There are also a variety of CWE classes on communication, difficult personalities, etc that can be helpful in these situations if you want to manage it yourself.  http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/about/services/human-resources/career-and-workplace-enhancement-center/conflict-management/index.cfm



I was wondering, if I am not being supported by my direct clinic manager, if it is appropriate for me to address these concerns of management and workflow process with the next level of administration/managment for my clinic?

Yes it is.  Or at least ask the next level how they would like you to present your concerns.

I've been told that if management implements rules for a department, that it has to be for the whole department, and personal friendships are not excluded. Is this true?

That's a broad question; not every rule would need to apply to everyone in a department.  The rule could be implemented based on its application to some staff and not others.  However, if a rule applies to a certain group management cannot exclude an individual in the group.

Can the staffing department dictate to AFSCME PAS scheduling staff to reshedule patients based on staffing clinic needs for infusion treatments, against physician orders?

  My advice is to talk with the manager in the department you are working in about the situation.  If you work for the staffing office and are given a direct order you need to follow it while at the same time surfacing the issue with the Clinic Manager and/or the physician who wrote the order.  Do this in writing.

A conflict between myself & another employee of a related department. The employee has been bullying me to perform outside PAS duties creating an unsafe environment at work. When I put up a personal boundary to protect myself, the employee judged that action as harassment and threatening. I don't feel safe at work and want to resign to protect myself. My manager is aware. What can I do to resolve this?

I am going to refer you to our BridgeBuilder Program that helps with conflicts between members in a workplace.  Please provide the following information:

Already have this above.


Briefley describe the interpersonal conflict you are experiencing.



Who is involved? Include names and contact information if you have it.


What is your shift and days off?


What is the best way to contact you?

Is your supervisor aware of the situation?  YES OR NO

Do you want us to contact your supervisor? If so, please provide contact information. :



Additional Comments:



I recently moved to a different department. I was never given an exit interview and wondered if this something that is suppoed to happen. My other question deals with while applying to other departments, I was never given the opportunity to interview and believe this to be in violation.

Exit interviews are entirely optional. As for applications, as an internal candidate, the employer is required to interview you for jobs you have applied for if you meet the requirements of the position. You have the right to request (in writing, including email) the reason for your denial, and the manager must provide you with a written reason for denial of an interview. You may have grounds to file a grievance if you were not interviewed for a position for which you were qualified.

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