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Frequently Asked Questions - Investigatory Meeting

What exactly happens during this kind of meeting? Will I be written up? Do I have to sign a verbal warning? And, is a "formal" verbal warning that must be signed, considered being "written up"?

An investigatory meeting is a chance for your manager (sometimes with HR) to figure out the facts about what they think may have happened.  They will ask a number of questions and you need to be truthful when you anwser.  These types of meetings may or may not lead to discipline.  It depends on what the manager discovers in the meeting.  Your manager may also hold meetings with other employess in your workplace to get a clear understanding of events.  Remember, all of the meetings are confidential and information will not be shared with other employees.

It is important to request a steward be present at an Investigatory meeting.  The steward will not be able to anwser questions for you, but will act as a witness  to what is said in the meeting.  The steward will take notes and may clarify questions that seem confusing.  They can also request a break in the meeting to give you time to gather your thoughts.

Normally discipline (if the manager chooses to do so) will be given out sometime after the meeting.  You DO have to sign the form given to you by your manager.  Signing the form does not mean that you agree with the discipline, only that you received the information.  If you feel that the discipline was not warranted, you can then work with a Grievance Steward and file a grievance to have the discipline removed from your HR record, or lessened (i.e. from a written warning to a verbal warning).  You also have the option of writing up your version of what happened (again, you must be truthful) and requesting HR attach your information to the discipline letter.

A verbal warning may be given, but you may have to sign a form stating that you received the warning.  The form will state that this is verbal warning.  It is not a written warning, even though you receive written documentation of the warning.

What is an investigatory meeting

An investigatory meeting is one in which your supervisor or other manager is asking you questions which could result in you being disciplined. The contract requires that you be given 24 hours notice of investigatory meetings so that you may obtain a Local 328 steward to represent you. You can read the contract language about investigatory interviews here.

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