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      28.1    Purpose
      .  The shared purpose of the labor-management partnership between the Union and the Employer shall include a commitment to equal partnership through administration of the Labor Management Committee, solving problems at the lowest level possible within the organization, sharing information, recognizing the values and political nature of each organization and creating a flexible, cost effective, responsive and highly competitive organization. For purposes of this provision, equal partnership shall be defined as a relationship which is based on the principles of mutual respect and equal responsibility for decision making and which produces work products clearly identified as joint ventures between the Union and the Employer.
      28.2    Composition
      .  The Labor Management Committee (LMC) shall be composed of six (6) employee representatives of the Union and six (6) representatives of the Employer, none of whom shall be employed in Human Resources.  There shall be two co-chairs consisting of one Union employee representative and one Employer representative.  Composition of the LMC will be compliant with the Labor Management Committee Charter.  Union-represented employees appointed to the LMC will be permitted to attend regularly scheduled LMC meetings on paid time not to exceed six (6) hours per employee per month, provided that such release time does not unreasonably interfere with the Employer’s business operations and the employee’s supervisor is provided not less than six (6) weeks’ notice of each LMC meeting.  
      28.3    Objectives
      .  The shared objectives of the OHSU/AFSCME Labor Management Committee (LMC) and the Career and Workplace Enhancement Center (CWE Center) include a commitment to  the career advancement of employees and to sustaining a positive and productive work environment with ongoing education.  A positive work environment is characterized by the presence of a group of people, staff and managers alike, who share motivation to achieve common goals, along with job satisfaction for individuals and effective working relationships among group members.  The objectives of LMC and the CWE Center will be called out separately below:  
      28.3.1    Labor Management Committee (LMC).
      a.    The LMC shall ensure the availability of a list of possible resources and the processes to assist employees and managers with issue resolution. Resources and processes identified and developed by the LMC shall be posted on the Employer’s and the Union’s websites.
      b.    The LMC shall participate in addressing common themes that emerge from employee surveys, contract negotiations, staff meetings, and other elements communicated from the Employer or the Union.
      c.    The LMC will provide direction, institutional support and financial support to work unit labor-management committees that are jointly sponsored and entered into by the Union and the Employer.  A charter template for the work unit labor management committees can be found on the Union’s and Employer’s websites or through the CWE Center.  Work unit labor management committees are engaged in any of the activities recognized in 28.3.a, b, c, d as labor management activities. 
      (1)    The work unit that is the subject of a work unit labor-management committee will choose the process by which committee members will be selected (e.g., appointment, interviews, voting), and will provisionally make selections using their chosen process.  AFSCME will have the right to veto any selected members, but will review potential vetoes with the Employer’s Human Resources department ahead of any veto.
      (2)    The members of work unit committees shall be trained in interest-based problem-solving.
      (3)    The chairs of work unit labor management committees shall report to the LMC quarterly with an outline of goals to work on for the year, a report on progress and a final wrap up of accomplishments.
      (4)    Local unit’s LMC chairs will need to attend a quarterly meeting with other chairs in conjunction with LMC leadership.
      (5)    The LMC is responsible to create and maintain structure, training, and ongoing guidance for supporting the local unit LMC launches, training of chairs, and support for successful operations.
      d.    Union-represented employees will be permitted to attend regularly scheduled committee meetings on paid time subject to the work unit’s manager’s approval.
      e.    The LMC will provide an annual report to the Vice President for Human Resources, the Employer’s Executive Leadership Team, the Union President, and the local union executive leadership committee.
      28.3.2    OHSU/AFSCME Career and Workplace Enhancement Center (CWE Center).  
      a.    Services provided under the CWE Center charter will include, but are not limited to career development, conflict management, employee development, adult basic education, ELL skills, and basic computer skills.  The CWE Center shall ensure that training opportunities are made available for off shift, weekend shift, and remote workers.
      b.    The LMC will approve initial funding allocations for each of these services.  Significant funding changes for specific services should be approved by the LMC.
      c.    The Employer will prioritize involvement of bargaining unit members in any training provided by the CWE Center.  In the event that a training is not fully booked, other OHSU employees may register for the training.  In the event that the CWE Center wishes to offer a management-only training, it shall notify the LMC.
      28.4    Funding
      .  The Employer will provide funding for LMC activities in the following amounts, subject to an evaluation by the Vice President for Human Resources of the LMC’s level of success in meeting its goals for the prior year:
      $1,331,133.87 for the 12-month period commencing on July 1, 2019.
      $1,362,101.74 for the 12-month period commencing on July 1, 2020.
      $1,393,948.59 for the 12-month period commencing on July 1, 2021.


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