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      22.1    Promotion of Development Opportunities
      .  The Employer supports opportunities for education and training, career development, mobility and personal growth.  Employees may receive support for these endeavors in a number of ways that include, but are not limited to:  education/training required by the Employer, access to the OHSU Employee Tuition Benefit program, flexible work schedules, time with pay to attend classes or pursue other developmental learning opportunities, on-the-job training, paid time on the job to practice skills, mentoring, and the filling of training positions under Section 18.4.
      22.1.1    Education and training hours
      .  It is a goal of the Employer to promote education and training opportunities which are directly related to the employee’s position of employment and/or to career development for positions at OHSU on an average of twenty-four (24) hours per year per full-time employee.  Employees are guaranteed ten (10) hours of job related training per contract year (prorated per FTE).  Employees may choose services offered through the CWE Center to count toward the 10-hour guarantee.  Employees shall provide as much advance notice as possible and supervisors will make every reasonable effort to accommodate such requests.  The annual guarantee shall be fifteen (15) hours for an employee who has an agreed upon written individual development plan with his or her manager.
      22.1.2    Career development information
      .  The Employer will provide normal promotional path counseling, including review of the minimum qualifications for potential classifications, and information regarding resources for career development counseling and guidance to employees.
      22.1.3    Tuition discounts
      .  Employees shall be afforded the opportunity for tuition discounts as provided by the Employer.
      22.1.4    Shared responsibility
      .  The Union and the Employer recognize and support the fundamental concept that an employee’s ongoing development of skills to meet the changing needs and demands of the employee’s position as well as the employee’s opportunity for growth within the Employer’s organization constitute a shared responsibility.  The Employer is responsible for determining the scope of Employer-provided development opportunities and for providing employees access to those opportunities.  Employees are responsible for seeking out and taking advantage of such opportunities, and for continually demonstrating their competencies and building their skills in all facets of their jobs.  Employees and their supervisors are expected to address such responsibilities and opportunities, at a minimum, during the annual performance review process.
      22.1.5    Individual development plans
      .  The parties recognize that mutually developed individual development plans serve as a constructive tool to aid an employee in developing skills and/or improving performance.  Such plans can be initiated by either the employee or the manager.
      22.2    Requirements of Job Position
      .  Employees are responsible for attaining and maintaining, on their own time and at their own expense, the requisite skills and qualifications under any license or certification required by law for their job position.  If, however, the Employer introduces a new requirement for an existing position occupied by an employee, then the Employer shall be responsible for the training and education time and expenses (other than study time) it deems necessary for the employee to satisfy the new requirement. 
      22.3    Required Attendance at Educational and Training Functions
      .  Where an employee’s attendance at an educational or training function is required by the Employer, he/she shall be so notified in writing.  If an employee is required to attend educational training outside of his/her normal work schedule, he/she will be compensated at the appropriate rate of pay for time spent in training.
      22.4    Educational Leave with Pay
      .  An employee may be granted educational leave in which his/her department may defray a part or all of the cost of the education, either through allotment or payment of a salary.  Each request for leave must be submitted to the employee’s department director or administrator, who normally shall not approve such leave for more than one (l) year.  Vacation leave shall not accrue during an educational leave with pay that exceeds fifteen (15) calendar days.
      22.5    Education Expense Reimbursement
      .  When the Employer approves an employee’s participation in a specific course, seminar, workshop, or other training program, the Employer may reimburse the employee for a portion of or all the costs of course registration and/or required materials, and of necessary travel expenses when warranted by the circumstances.  If an employee is required by the Employer to participate in an education or training program, the employee shall normally be reimbursed for related travel and mileage expense.
      22.6    New Technology
      .  When the Employer implements a new technology or implements a major change in a current technology that would require retraining beyond a thorough introduction to perform any job presently being done by employees covered by this Agreement, the Employer commits to the following:
      a.    The appropriate manager will seek involvement in this implementation from an appropriate number of Union-represented employees.
      b.    The manager will facilitate the development of an implementation plan of appropriate detail and determine the names of people to be trained.
      c.    The implementation plan may include, but not be limited to:  a process to gather and address end user ideas and concerns, training and support systems to enable employees to successfully transition into new technology, an ongoing communication/feedback system among affected/interested employees, selection of when and to whom training is administered, individual assistance for displaced employees consistent with the Agreement, retraining assistance and support, and a time line for implementation of both the plan and the technology.
      d.    It is understood this process will use Labor/Management Cooperation principles.
      22.7    Basic Computer Skills Training
       .  The Employer will provide, coordinated through the CWE Center, basic computer training to any AFSCME-represented employee who does not demonstrate basic proficiency as determined by the employee’s supervisor.  This training will be on paid time and will not be longer than two (2) hours in length for any employee.  The training will include basic computer operations, how to log in and out of the employee’s OHSU account, basic Outlook skills, how to use O2 and how to locate/use common employee-related web sites, and how to access Oracle employee self-service tools.  Time spent on such training will count toward the 10-hour guarantee set forth in Section 22.1.1.


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