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      11.1    Recognized Holidays
      .  The following holidays shall be recognized:
      a.    New Year’s Day on January 1.
      b.    Martin Luther King’s Birthday on the third Monday in January.
      c.    President’s Day on the third Monday in February.
      d.    Memorial Day on the last Monday in May.
      e.    Independence Day on July 4
      f.    Labor Day on the first Monday in September.
      g.    Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday in November.
      h.    Christmas Day on December 25.
      i.    Any day appointed by the Employer’s Board of Directors.
      In work areas operating predominantly on a seven (7) day operations schedule and/or designated by Hospital Administration as working a holiday schedule, the recognized holiday shall be the actual holiday specified above.  In all other areas, if the holiday specified in this section falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be recognized as the holiday; and if the holiday specified in this section falls on a Sunday, the following Monday shall be recognized as the holiday.  
      11.2    Holiday Compensation
      .  All full-time and part-time employees will be entitled to holiday compensation at their straight time hourly rate of pay on all recognized holidays based on their FTE status, provided the employee is in pay status the employee’s entire scheduled work shift preceding the holiday and the employee’s entire scheduled work shift after the holiday.  
      An employee will be considered in pay status the entire scheduled work shift even if the employee is tardy up to one (1) hour, provided the employee is not under discipline for attendance reasons.  Full-time employees shall be entitled to eight (8) hours’ compensation.  Part-time employees shall be entitled to a prorated number of hours based on their FTE status at the time of the holiday.  Employees eligible for holiday compensation may elect to utilize available compensatory time or vacation accruals to make up the difference between their holiday compensation and the amount they would have earned had they worked their full shift on the holiday.
      If a relief employee works during a holiday, the employee will receive four (4) additional hours of pay at the straight rate of pay.
      11.3    Work on a Holiday
      .  Employees who work on a recognized holiday shall be additionally compensated at the rate of one and one-half (1 ½) times their straight rate of pay for all hours worked.  This premium rate of pay for work on a holiday applies for all time worked from 0001 to 2400 hours on the holiday.  An employee may request in writing, and the employee’s supervisor may approve, in lieu of cash payment, to deposit the premium portion (½ x) of the holiday hours worked in the employee’s compensatory time bank, consistent with the provisions of Section 9.1.5.
      11.4    Holiday Work Schedules
      .  Employees shall normally be notified of holiday work schedules at least twenty-eight (28) days in advance, except in situations over which the Employer has no control.


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