eZone   AFSCME Local 328
 4006 Barbur Blvd, Portland, OR 97239

Current Contract



      4.1    Management Rights
      .  The parties agree that the Employer has the right to operate and manage the institution including, but not limited to, the rights enumerated in ORS 243.650 through 243.782; the right to maintain order and efficiency; to direct employees and to determine job assignments and working schedules; to determine the methods, means and personnel to be used; to implement improved operational methods and procedures; to determine staffing requirements; to determine the kind and location of facilities; to determine whether the whole or any part of the operation shall continue to operate; to select and hire employees; to promote and transfer employees; to discipline, demote or discharge employees for just cause; to lay off employees; to recall employees; to require reasonable overtime work of employees; and to promulgate rules, regulations and personnel policies, provided that such rights shall not be exercised so as to violate any of the specific provisions of this Agreement.
      4.2    Non-Waiver of Rights
      .  The Employer’s non-exercise of any right reserved to it under this Agreement, or its exercise of any such right in a particular way, will not be considered a waiver of the Employer’s right to exercise such right or to exercise it in some other way that does not violate any specific provision of this Agreement.


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