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MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING #12 Interfaith Locations, Interpreting Services, Safety Training, Tran

Interfaith Locations, Interpreting Services, Safety Training, 
Translated Document and Gender Neutral Restrooms
AFSCME Local 328 (“Union”) and Oregon Health & Science University (“Employer”) hereby agree as follows:
1. Interfaith locations.  Following ratification of the parties’ Agreement, the Employer will notify bargaining unit employees and managers of the designated interfaith locations for prayer and meditation.  This information will be posted on O2.
2. Interpreting Services.  Upon an employee’s request, the Employer will provide interpreting services at an investigatory or grievance meeting.  Unless otherwise requested by the employee, these interpreting services will be provided only by the Employer’s Language Services Department or an outside vendor selected by the Employer.  The employee will submit such a request as far in advance as possible.
3. Safety training.  The Employer will continue its efforts to make safety training understandable for employees, including employees not fluent in English.
4. Translated document.  The Employer agrees to prepare a single-page document that provides translated information on how to access Human Resources (including Benefits and Retirement), union representatives, AAEO, Integrity Office, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion and other OHSU offices as space allows.  The document will be translated into Spanish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Chinese (Mandarin) and Amharic and will be posted on O2.
5. Gender Neutral Restrooms.  If an employee has concerns about accessing restrooms that provide appropriate safe space, the employee should contact his/her manager or HR Business Partner.  Up to $3000 will be available for signage in suitable locations.
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