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MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING #7 Community Employment Committee

Community Employment Committee
OHSU and AFSCME Local 328 recognize that the recruitment and retention of minorities is an ongoing mutual goal.  To further that goal, the parties agree to establish a Community Employment Committee.  The purpose of this Committee will be to evaluate employment and career development needs of underrepresented and ethnic minorities at OHSU, consistent with the Employer’s strategic diversity goals reflected in its Diversity Action Plans and Affirmative Action Plans (APP) and APP placement goals.  The Committee will determine the scope of its evaluation, which may include an identification of job classifications on which to focus, a review of training needs and opportunities, and an identification of community partners who may assist the Committee in accomplishing its goals, including distributing information and providing job preparation training.  The Union and the Employer will have an equal number of representatives on the Committee.  Bargaining unit employees will receive paid time for participation in Committee meetings.  Recommendations of the Committee will be submitted for approval to the Vice President of Human Resources and the Chief Diversity Officer.  The Committee will begin its work within six (6) months of the Agreement’s ratification.
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