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APPENDIX E Voluntary Waiver of Daily Overtime

Voluntary Waiver of Daily Overtime



Employee Name:                                                                                                                          





Original Hire Date:                                                                                        






   Fax:  __________________________________







The purpose of this waiver is to allow employees flexibility with their work day schedule as approved by the employee’s department and, when required, an authorized representative of the Union.  To this end, an employee wishing to continue working at the end of his/her normal work day may continue to do so with approval of his/her supervisor and without incurring overtime, while foregoing an equal number of work hours in subsequent days within the same work week.  This waiver may be initiated either by the employee or his/her supervisor, provided that the waiver is for the employee’s benefit.


Reason for Waiver:                                                                                                                                                                                                



I,                                                                                                                , do hereby agree to waive overtime otherwise due me for hours worked in excess of my regular shift length of at least eight (8) hours per day.  This waiver is for my own benefit. I agree that I will not be eligible for overtime compensation (time and one-half times my regular hourly rate of pay) except for hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours in a work week - regardless of the number of hours I work in a day within such work week.  This Agreement supersedes and negates the overtime provisions of Article 9.1 of the OHSU/AFSCME Collective Bargaining Agreement for as long as this waiver remains in effect. I understand that I may cancel this waiver at any time by written notification to the OHSU Payroll Department.  Any such decision shall become effective with the next full pay period following proper notification. This waiver may also be rescinded by the Department by providing the Payroll Department and me with notification of its termination effective with the next full pay period.


I understand that this Agreement will become effective with the next bi-weekly pay period following signature of the parties noted below and receipt by the OHSU Payroll Department.



__________________________________                 __________________________________

Supervisor Approval                                                           Employee Approval


__________________________________                 __________________________________

Date                                                                                       Date



UNION APPROVAL: Union approval is required only when an employee is serving an initial probationary period or an internal job change evaluation period.


? Approved          ? Denied                Date: ____________________


Reason for Denial: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Union Contact: ___________________________     Phone: ______________      Email: ____________________



Directions for Employee:


If union approval is required, route to AFSCME for approval at jpotter@oregonafscme.com


Once all appropriate approvals are obtained, route the completed form to Payroll at paycheck@ohsu.edu, your supervisor, and the union at jpotter@oregonafscme.com.



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