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Current Contract



26.1 Parking Rates.  The Employer agrees that it will give thirty (30) days’ advance notice to the Union of any proposed changes in parking rates for Employer-operated parking facilities.  The Employer will offer the Union an opportunity for input during the 30-day period.  The Union may offer suggestions, make recommendations and introduce any data deemed appropriate.  The Employer shall provide reasonable attainable data at the Union’s request. Employees working a “swing shift” shall continue to pay the prevailing Transportation & Parking Office (TPO) parking rate only for those hours worked between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
26.2 Strategic Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee.  The Union shall appoint up to two (2) members to the Strategic Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee (STPAC).  The purpose of the STPAC is to advise the Associate Vice President of Facilities and Logistics and the TPO on best practices for creating, maintaining and continuously improving the multi-modal transportation programs that serve the broad needs of the Employer community.  Members of the STPAC are expected to present the interests and concerns of their respective stakeholder member groups, and to act as a liaison between their stakeholder group and the TPO.  The STPAC shall be advised of and provide input on proposed policy and rate changes prior to implementation.  Current policies will be accessible to employees on the web site of the TPO.
26.3 Pay to Park Hours. If any part of an employee’s scheduled shift falls within the Employer’s pay-to-park hours (currently 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), the employee is required to pay for parking during those hours.  If an employee’s scheduled shift falls within non-pay-to-park hours (currently 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.) and the employee is required to continue work into pay-to-park hours, the employee will provide to the TPO his or her name, license plate information, lot information, and anticipated departure time to avoid being ticketed. The employee will be charged the prevailing TPO parking rate for the number of hours parked after 12:00 noon.  Employees will pay the appropriate parking rate at the end of their work shift.
26.4 Employees Working on Short Notice.  When an employee is called in to work unexpectedly or on-call, the employee is expected to go online or drive to a pay station lot to purchase a parking permit for the day.  If time does not permit an online or pay station purchase, the employee will provide to the TPO his or her name, vehicle information, lot information, and license plate information.  The employee will pay the appropriate parking rate at the end of his or her work shift.
Employees who normally work either the evening or night shift and are required to return to work during the day shift for meetings shall be provided temporary parking space on such occasions at the appropriate rate, arranged in advance by the department.  The departments are encouraged to reimburse those costs, if possible.
26.5 Parking During Inclement Weather.  Though tickets will not be issued during inclement weather, as described in Section 7.12, employees are expected to avoid patient lots.  Parking regulations, however, will be enforced in designated restricted zones, all patient areas, fire lanes and ambulance zones.


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